Patient Rights

As a patient at Life360, you have the right to:


No matter your race, beliefs, gender identity, or health problems, you will the best care & treatment at Life 360


All your reason for seeking care, your health issues, and your treatments will be kept confidential. Your personal information will never be disclosed to anyone without your permission or will.


All your health records and personal information will be kept in a safe place. 100 per cent confidentiality & safety is maintained. In case you require any details from your backdate treatment.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is of utmost importance at Life360. We make sure our patients get all the information regarding any tests, medicines or treatments. You’ll be liable to get an explanation of everything clearly.


A patient is always liable to know & understand the injury and the treatment details suitable for them. We not only listen to your concerns but also share all the information we have about your health problems so you can take care of your health timely & properly.