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Life 360 is a Leading
provider of specialist
physiotherapy in Raipur.

“Life 360 Physiotherapy”

Provider of specialist in physiotherapy in Raipur.

We are recognized for our wealth of experience and high specialization in the field of physiotherapy.

And we also offer a full range of evidence-based assessments, diagnostic, and treatment services.
We work hard to recover everyone, from professional athletes to those recovering from operations and injuries, by doing activities.

Consistently delivering the highest levels of quality care, we are able to maximize the outcome of physiotherapy treatment.

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Our Services

We work with you to develop a unique physiotherapy treatment
plan specific to your needs


Cranial actually means something toward the skull. Cranial nerves are the paired nerves which belong to the back of the brain. People having problems related to cranial nerves like headaches, sleeplessness, migraine etc., we have our expertise in all this area.


We have experts who help in healing the problems of bad stomach problems, PCOD, bowel-related issues, constipation etc. We provide the best possible solution available

Child Neuro

We have the best specialists who provide the best ways and guidance to treat child development problems, there could be many reasons for a child not able to attain overall development. We provide the best treatment/guidance as a complete package to resolve these issues


There could be hundreds of problems related to joints, joint pain is one of the most common problems in the world, and there are many common causes of it due to various diseases. This can also be caused due to overweight, or arthritis etc., we deal in providing all kinds of treatment with the latest technology to heal all kinds of joint pains/problems


We provide a complete overall treatment for all the injuries/harms caused by any kind of sports. This could be related to any part of the body, overall healing along with natural processes is being done.


There are millions of problems which could be caused due to spine disorder. This could be affected due to any other disease as well. Spine is something which is most important for us and has to be healthy and perfectly in line. We have our experts who have deep knowledge of all the issues related to the spine and cure it with complete recovery.

Old Age Home

Life360 has expertise which deals with all kinds of diseases or disorders during old age. Here we consider old age problems very severely and treat them with our knowledge and best latest scientific technology.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Super Inductive System

Class 4 Laser

Magento Therapy

Shock  Wave Therapy

Spinal Decompression

Contact Bath

Cold Compression
Mobility Trainer





Patient Success Stories

Our patients successfully recovered by trusting in India’s #1 Life360

Here's What Our Clients Say.

16:32 31 Jul 22
Very good place and excellent physiotherapy treatment providing by Dr. here. I got fast releaf by joining here. i had accident and my shoulder bone was fracture , i canot lift my shoulder up but after physiotherapy treatment by Dr. here I got fast recovery and i am lifting my shoulder up.Thank U
Shiv PendseShiv Pendse
16:32 31 Jul 22
Excellent Experience, Nice & Very Polite Team.Dr.Nitu Verma have very Rich experience & have latest Physiotherapy Instruments, Continuously updating his Knowledge, instruments.Learning New Therapies & successfully Treated Many patients.The staff /team is very polite, supportive have full knowledge and giving advise accordingly need of individual.Very Beat & Clean Clinic. Worth take treatment from Life 360 Clinic.
Yash YadavYash Yadav
05:02 16 Jul 22
My child was suffering from cerebral palsy. He was not able to stand. One of my neighbor suggested for Dr Nitu Life 360 Physiotherapy Clinic. I went there and took approx. two months treatment from her. Now my child able to stand and pick the object. Now she is focusing on and walking and jumping. The efforts made by Dr.Nitu were very good and I observed that She focuses on each patients with different types of treatment and exercises. I am experiencing good results by By Dr.Nitu and I will recommend her for Physiotherapy treatment whom so ever required.
venkatesh mishravenkatesh mishra
02:04 03 Jul 22
Best ChiropractorAll modern facility even that you get only in metropolitan city only But Dr Neetu providing all that facilities at one roof in minimal amount. Raipur thanks to her for effort.Best treatmentGood ambienceBehavior towards patients goodBest equipmentProfessional
testpic monkeytestpic monkey
04:07 20 Jun 22
Very well trained team of physiotherapist. With latest equipments. And cordial staff.Excellent detailed explanation given of the various disease like varicose vein and posture correction.

Common Conditions Treated With Physiotherapy

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